Update: 06.06.21

To all CFM members, to all those in the south of Munich whose bathwater could be described as leek soup!

Our newest location, CFM South, will finally open its doors on 11.06.2021!

Thanks to the relentless efforts of the team of helpers (especially Basti and René, whoop whoop!) the renovation is now mostly complete and a first half is ready for use. You can expect a brand new facility with, as always, the best equipment from Eleiko, a mountain of Concept 2 equipment and two airrunners! As a former warehouse, CFM South has a similar flair to the Werksviertel, but in new. Here, however, the ceiling is high enough for ropeclimbs and a large door can be opened for ventilation.

As of today, you can also book lessons for the South via Eversports, including three new rookie classes for beginners.
So come by, check it out and bring a friend from nearby who should have started CrossFit a long time ago!

Your CFM crew

This way to the membership online:

Our hygiene rules

In order to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible, we have created our online hygiene concept, which will apply from May 25th, 2021. Please read it in detail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email (as always to info@crossfitmunich.com).

The concept here is divided into 6 parts. Please read the concept in detail and enter your email address and, at the end of the survey, your first and last name. This helps us, especially in the beginning, to be able to carry out the hours without a lot of administration.

Du hast noch Fragen? Dann schreib an: info@crossfitmunich.com oder ruf an unter: 0173 / 9045196

Stay Strong, have fun and start now!


»Tolle Box, tolle Community, ich habe mich sofort wohl gefühlt! Kann jedem, der sich für CrossFit interessiert, empfehlen, hier vorbeizukommen ❤️«


»Absolute perfect box to go visit for open gym when visiting the beautiful city of Munich. Staff were very friendly and kind to all me and my group. Gym is very well located off Frankfurtering and easy to communicate with all staff as well.«


»Absolut beste CrossFit Box in München. Tolle Trainer und ein immer neues frisches Programm sorgen dafür, dass nie Eintönigkeit aufkommt. Jeder der CrossFit probieren möchte bist hier genau richtig. Jeder der CrossFit liebt landet eh in dieser Box.«


»Ein besonderer Dank gilt all den tollen Trainern, welche mich auf dem Weg von kompletter Sportabstinenz bis heute begleitet und mich über die Zeit – nicht nur sportlich – weiter gebracht haben.«