Donnerstag, 23.07.2020

Published on 17. July 2020

Workout Of The Day

4 Sets (3 min On/1 min Off):

400m Run
Max Reps Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

4 min Rest

4 Sets (3 min On/1 min Off):

500m Row
Max Reps Push Ups

Functional Bodybuilding

Pull Day FFR


Every 3:30 min x 4 Sets:

4 x (1/2+1) Deadstop Deadlift


3 Sets:

15-20 Barbell Good Mornings

60s Rest

60s Hollow Hold (Every 10s 4 Alt. Single Leg V Ups/4 V Ups)

60s Rest

10 x (1 Double KB Deadlift + 1 Double KB Bent Over Row)

60s Rest