Montag, 27.07.2020

Published on 24. July 2020

Workout Of The Day

Tabata Pull Ups

3-4 min Rest

Tabata Handstand Push Ups

3-4 min Rest

Tabata Row (cal)

3-4 min Rest

Tabata DB Suitcase Lunges 2×22,5/16kg

Functional Bodybuilding

Pull Day FFR


Every 2:30 min x 4 Sets:

5 Segmented Clean (Deficit) Deadlifts


3 Sets:

6/6 DB Cross Body Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts @3111

60s Rest

6-8 L Sit (C2B) Chin Ups/Negative L Sit (C2B) Chin Ups

60s Rest

12/12-15/15 Side Plank Powell Raises

60s Rest