Freitag, 25.12.2020

Published on 25. December 2020

Workout Of The Day

A. 4 Sets:

:30/:30s Single Arm DB/KB Strict Press or Push Press

Rest 60s

:30/:30s Single Arm DB/KB Bent over Row

Rest 60s

– or –

4 Sets:

60s Plank Hold on Elbows

Rest 60s

60s Reverse Plank

Rest 60s

B. CFM Benchmark Workout

2 Sets (45s on / 15s off)

Goblet Squats – Air Squats
KB/DB Swings – Alternating Lunges
Step-Ups w/DB or KB – Step-Ups w/ Bodyweight
Single Arm DB/KB Push Press – Pike Push-Ups

Rest 1:00 b/w Sets