Montag, 08.02.2021

Published on 8. February 2021

Functional Bodybuilding


3 Sets

20 Alt. Single Arm Squat cleans
15s Rest
30s Max Reps Goblet Squats or Jumping Air Squats
60s Rest
30s Side Plank Left
15s Rest
30s Side Plank Right
60s Rest


3 Sets

Max Reps Three Point Row 3020
direclty into
Max Reps Goblet Sumo Stance Good Mornings
directly into
20 Prone T’s
90s Rest


2-3 Rounds

10 Alternating Elbow Plank Arm Reaches
10 Elbow Plank Knees to Elbows
10 Elbow Side Plank with Reach Outs (each side)
30s Planche Lean Hold