Donnerstag, 25.02.21

Published on 25. February 2021

Functional Bodybuilding

A: 3 Sets

Max Reps (Single) Arm Strict Press
20-40s OH Hold
Max Reps (Single) Arm Push Press

30s Rest

Then Change Arm

60s Rest

Max Reps Towel Grip Single Arm DB Row

60s Rest

B: 3 Sets

Max Reps Single Arm Tempo Thruster 50X1

45s Rest

Stagger Stance Hip Thrusts with DB – 10-12 per side

60s Rest

C: 2 – 3 unbroken Sets

Alt. KB Dead Bugs – 10-12/side

30s/30s Single Arm Plank

Max Reps Side Plank with Leg Lift

20 Alt. Bird Dog