Samstag, 24.04.2021

Published on 24. April 2021

Workout Of The Day

Warm Up

90/90 Rotations
10/10 Bird Dog
10 Glute Bridges
10 Alt. Glute Bridge Thoracic Rotations
5 V Walk Outa
10 Alt. Single Leg DL
3/3 Clock Reaches
10/10 Peterson Step ups

2 min Jogging
10m Skippings
10m jogging Back
10 later Skippings
10m jogging Back
10m later Skipping
10m jogging Back
10m High Knees (90° Knee Angle)
10m lateral High Knees
10m jogging Back
10m lateral High Knees

3x 30m acceleration run up to running pace
30m Rest Walk

Running Intervalls

10 x 500 m or 2 min @70%
100m or 60s Rest Walk

Goal:+-10sec per 500m